EmitBio Treatment Effective Against Coronavirus Variants.


Statistically Significant EmitBio Reduces Viral Load


New Treatment Evidence Effective on Range of Coronaviruses

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Breakthrough News In the Fight Against COVID-19

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EmitBio: Delivering light to protect and heal.


EmitBio™ is a life science company using the precise delivery of light to stimulate, protect, and heal the body through light therapy.

EmitBio is creating light that is fundamental to human health, harnessed for healing and for bodily defense.

Where Light meets Life™.

We have developed light-based technology that acts directly against invading pathogens as well as stimulating the body’s natural innate defenses to contain, attack and destroy these intruders — effectively creating an antiviral environment.


See how the EmitBio treatment defeats COVID-19.

Mutation resilient: The treatment is not designed to be dependent on a specific SARS-CoV-2 genetic code or configuration of spike protein. The EmitBio approach has the potential to be effective regardless of viral mutations or future genetic drift.

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Help your body win the fight against COVID-19.


Your body is under constant attack from airborne bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Every breath takes in life-giving oxygen—and whatever else is floating around out there. Your immune system recognizes many of these intruders and responds to prevent or reduce the infection. But when a novel and especially virulent pathogen, like the SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus, that causes COVID-19, enters our lives, we need reinforcements for our bodily defenses.

Helping to fight the pandemic.

The fastest way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is by quickly reducing the virus in those who have it, and stopping the spread to others. How do we protect ourselves against its relentless reach and mutations. EmitBio believes that elimination of the virus is best achieved through both vaccinations and treatments for those who have not received the vaccine or for whom it was ineffective.

Everyone deserves treatment.

EmitBio has been working towards this fundamental principle: “Everyone with COVID-19 should be treated.” Our healthcare system is overwhelmed and only the sickest get treatment. Treatments have only been authorized for those at high-risk and for those who are already hospitalized. This infection can progress quickly even if the patient is not considered “high-risk.” Those who test positive, but are asymptomatic can still put others at risk, even when quarantine protocols are followed. To break the cycle and stop the pandemic we must provide treatment for all.


EmitBio has developed a transformational treatment.* We’re taking the fight to COVID-19.


The body’s upper respiratory tract is the entry point for airborne pathogens, but also your frontline of defense. In clinical trials, EmitBio found that by bathing the pharynx (back of throat) with safe, visible light, subjects with mild-to-moderate COVID-19 infections experienced a 99.9% reduction of SARS-CoV-2 mean viral load.

Additionally, the amount of virus present in the body continued to drop even after the light treatments had stopped and the time patients were ill with the symptoms was shortened by over 48 hours.


*The EmitBio device is investigational and not currently available for sale.