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Everyone infected with a life-threatening pathogen deserves a treatment.


EmitBio is a life science company developing breakthrough medical devices that change how the world treats respiratory infectious disease.

EmitBio was formed by a team of individuals with decades of successful research, product development, and large-scale manufacturing experience across the life science and light science industries

EmitBio has discovered how to use precise, monochromatic wavelengths of non-UV light to eliminate invading pathogens and stimulate host defense in the body — effectively creating an antiviral environment.

EmitBio discovers novel treatment for COVID-19

Successful clinical trials demonstrate the power of our transformative treatment for people with mild-to-moderate COVID-19. This medical development directs precise wavelengths of safe, visible light to the oropharynx (back of throat) to shorten duration of illness. Subjects who used our treatment experienced:

• a 99.9% reduction of the mean SARS-CoV-2 viral load.

• a drop in viral load even after the light treatments stopped.

• faster resolution of COVID-19 symptoms—by more than 48 hours.

• and lower disease severity at all times during the treatment, when compared to the subject control group.

See how EmitBio treats COVID-19.

Mutation resilient: The treatment is not designed to be dependent on a specific SARS-CoV-2 genetic code or configuration of spike protein. The EmitBio approach has the potential to be effective regardless of viral mutations or future genetic drift.

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Advanced light therapies are made possible by solid-state devices

The limitations of traditional light sources had always been an obstacle in the development of practical light therapy. Traditional light sources, such as incandescent or halogens, produce a broad spectrum of light, which has to be filtered out to isolate the desired wavelength. Both the light source itself and the imperfect filtering process require a lot of power, which results in high levels of heat which limits possible therapeutic applications.

The replacement of traditional light sources with solid-state light sources (LEDs) changed everything. LEDs require much less power and their small size provides design flexibility, but most importantly they are tunable to precise wavelengths of the visible light spectrum, which enables the medical community to use specific frequencies to stimulate specific biological responses.

LED Lights
LED technology enables a precise color (wavelength) of light to be delivered.