Transformational treatment taking the fight to COVID-19


EmitBio announces positive clinical results for transformational COVID-19 treatment.

In a placebo controlled, randomized double blind clinical trial, 4 days of treatment with the EmitBio device* achieved a 99.9% reduction in average viral load of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and accelerated time to symptom resolution in patients by more than 48 hours compared to the control group. This transformational treatment uses a small handheld device that directs precise wavelengths of safe, visible, targeted light to the back of the throat and surrounding tissues. No treatment related adverse events were reported in the trial. The device has been designed as an at-home treatment for mild to moderate COVID-19 in adults who have tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

These clinical study results followed thousands of in-vitro experiments and a Phase I safety study in healthy subjects which have all now been submitted to the FDA requesting Emergency Use Authorization.


*The EmitBio device is investigational and not currently available for sale.

More than 99% reduction in viral replication. 5 minute treatment
“It’s a public health imperative that every person diagnosed with COVID-19 has a safe treatment option.” Neal Hunter, Executive Chairman, EmitBio
After the EmitBio treatment, clinical trial subjects saw a 99.9% drop in mean viral load and…

… the time that patients were sick with symptoms was shortened by over 48 hours.

A key contributor to the antiviral activity of light is the EmitBio proprietary discovery that bathing human respiratory cells and tissue with safe, visible light releases natural reserves of nitric oxide as well as stimulates cells to produce more. Nitric oxide is vital to the body’s innate immune response by helping to disrupt infection, inhibit viral reproduction and summon the immune cells to contain, attack, and destroy invading pathogens like influenza and coronavirus.

“We have created a transformational technology and a product pipeline that can change the way the world protects against, and ultimately defeats, respiratory infections,” said Neal Hunter. “This has driven what we believe is a fundamental patent portfolio. Our goal is to work with the FDA to get this treatment available to all those who need it whether through established distribution in the US or licensing the technology to global partners so that everyone has rapid access.”