Nitric Oxide. A key ally in the fight against COVID-19.

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Nitric oxide is a vital part of innate immune defense against pathogens.

The body’s innate immune system acts like a first responder, rushing to the point of infection to begin battling the invaders. Nitric oxide is a key component of the innate immune response, it works to prevent viral access to the body and disrupt replication and release, while sending an alert to the body’s neutrophils, macrophages, and Natural Killer (NK) cells to help contain, attack, and kill the virus.






NK Cells

In order to infect us, airborne viral pathogens, like coronavirus, must:



the body through the epithelial cells in our upper respiratory tract (nose, mouth and back of throat).



by hijacking the cell’s reproductive mechanisms to create new virus particles, called virons.



the replicated virons throughout the body to infiltrate more cells and continue the cycle of infection.

Nitric oxide works as an anti-viral:

  • Limiting Access:
    An increase in nitric oxide inhibits airborne pathogens from accessing the body through the epithelial cells in the nose, mouth and back of throat.
  • Limiting Replication:
    Even if some pathogens enter the cells, the increased presence of nitric oxide slows the ability of the pathogen to hijack the host cell and replicate.
  • Limiting Release:
    Increased nitric oxide also plays an important role in containing any replicated pathogens within an infected cell to limit the spread.

Watch the video to see how nitric oxide protects the body from infection.

EmitBio has developed the specific type of light needed to promote the production and release of nitric oxide.

The scientists and doctors at EmitBio have more than 15 years of experience with nitric oxide-based delivery systems. Our innovations have delivered a patented light-based therapy that is safe and effective. EmitBio uses advanced LEDs to deliver precise wavelengths of light to the areas of the upper respiratory tract where it is most effective.